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Why Monsoon Is The Best Time To Buy A House

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Why Monsoon Is The Best Time To Buy A House

Monsoon has its upsides and downsides. While it brings relief from the scorching summer heat, it also brings with it numerous inconveniences like floods, traffic to name a few. All is not bad though. If you are planning to buy a house, it is the perfect time of the year. As a buyer you will have so many advantages that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Here are some benefits of buying a house in the monsoon.

Economics At Play

 Monsoon is one of those seasons that put the entire real estate sector, specifically the builders under pressure to make sales on the apartments they have constructed. Monsoons bring in a lot of hurdles that makes it difficult to find prospective buyers which ends up irking the developers to no end. Hence, if buyers wish to buy apartments during this dry spell of sales, they can get a good deal if negotiations are conducted effectively.

Builders tend to become less stringent when it comes to payments hence buyers can get optimum price on apartments. Along with that buyers may also get some discounts and other offers that wouldn’t be available during other seasons. During monsoon buyers can also look for other apartments that are above their budget as they can get it at a lower price because negotiations are open.

Time Works In Mysterious Ways

The month of Ashada and Pitrupaksha are often considered inauspicious times to buy important things like houses. They happen to be the time when monsoon is in full swing. Hence, there is a drastic dip in sales of real estate. It is also a great opportunity for buyers to get what they are looking for. All they have to do is consult with people they trust. If it is not considered a big problem, buyers can go ahead and make deals that are advantageous to them. Builders will offer numerous discounts in order to make sales.

Everything Is Laid Bare

 The thing about monsoon is that they tend to show things for what they truly are. After a few cloudbursts everything about the apartment buyers are hoping to buy will be exposed, be it internal or external. Be it stiff locks, windows or doors, buyers will be able to find it out. Other problems like water leakages and seepage’s can be realized and fixed. Overall, buyers can fully understand the quality of the construction and make purchasing decisions.

Understanding Of The Neighbourhood

 When buying houses, surrounding definitely matters as it is an important factor. Nothing makes it easier to judge the neighbourhood than the monsoon season. It allows buyers to understand how the neighbourhood is affected and how it changes due to the rains. Does it exacerbate traffic, roads and such other questions are answered. It makes it easier for buyers to make buying decisions as it brings to light all the pros and cons. Buyers can see the property for what it actually is thus, they cannot be blindsided.

Beat The Competition

 Buyers may face stiff competition when buying houses as many other customers might like the same house as them. So when other buyers are trying to stay warm and cozy indoors during the monsoon, buyers can go for site visits thus beating the competition. They can get the best houses for themselves.

Remember, it is the early bird that catches the worm. So don’t wait for the monsoons to subside and then go house hunting. Instead, hit the sites during the monsoon so that it becomes easier to get the house that you as a buyer hoped for. Monsoon gives you so many advantages that if as a buyer you hesitate, you will lose out on great deals. So get moving.

Written by Mr. Sarveshaa SB

MD Bhadra Group

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