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Know the process of Constructing a Building

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Know the process of Constructing a Building

As a home buyer, you aspire to own a space built with a high quality of construction. Understanding the construction process of a building helps you in buying decision.

Many top real estate developers in Bangalore have adopted the best of the construction practices to offer high-quality residential spaces to the home buyers. To identify some of the best properties in Bangalore either as an end-user or an investor, the basic understanding of the construction process will aid immensely.

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Let us help you understand the construction process which is indeed empowering.

Pre-Construction Phase

Pre-construction involves planning a construction project before the actual construction begins. This comprises preparation of building drawings, estimation of cost, approval of drawings by Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA) to ensure it meets the defined rules, marking boundaries and cleaning the plot and preparation of site layout as per the drawing.

Construction Phase

The construction phase begins with the excavation of the marked plot as per the drawings followed by the foundation, building structure, masonry and utility works.

Excavation – The construction plot is levelled and the earth is excavated as per the approved plan. The depth level of the excavation is based on the height of the building. Excavation needs execution to ensure safety and minimum environmental damage.

Foundation – On completing excavation, foundation base is levelled.  Concrete piles form the building’s foundation. To protect walls from moisture, a layer of waterproof material is applied on the surface. Usually, the thickness of the layer is of 1 inch. Concrete is poured as per specification in the drawings.


Columns – Vertical columns are built to support the building walls and spread the load of the entire building on to the foundation.

Beams – To connect the vertical columns and support subsequent slabs, horizontal beams are constructed on each level.

Slabs – A reinforced cement concrete slab is poured to form a floor roof. Provision for utilities such as water supply and sanitary lines are made before the pour. Slabs are built on the top of the columns and beams and the entire process of building columns, beams and slabs are replicated to complete the building structure.

Masonry work – Masonry work is carried out with cement mortar, a mixture of cement and sand.  After 14 days of slab pouring the formwork is removed and masonry work begins.

The floor is cleared of all loose dirt and a horizontal level line is marked. Following this level line, concrete blocks are laid to build the wall and openings for windows and doors are maintained. To support the load above these openings, reinforced concrete beams are laid down. This protects door frames from the impact of the structure load.

On completion, the walls are plastered after provision for utilities are made. A quality plaster layer should not be more than 0.75inch. The surface is cured for about 7 days for plaster to gain proper strength.

Utilities – To make the building livable, multiple services are provided during construction. This includes sanitary and plumbing fixtures, flooring, tiling, electrical and lighting and many more. Building utility services ensure optimal functionality of the building. Also, the aesthetics of the building, painting, and landscaping is undertaken in this phase.


All developers in Bangalore need to apply for completion certificate from BDA. Completion certificate certifies that the building is been completed as per the approved plan and building rules.

The occupancy certificate is provided by the authority after inspection of the building. It ensures that civil laws and safety procedures are followed and provisions for firefighting, sewage, water supply, electricity, rainwater harvesting etc. is provided in the building.

All projects from the house of Bhadra Group are developed according to the high standards of the construction process. Our apartments in Bengaluru are built as per international construction standards.

Buying home in Bangalore for self-stay or as an investment is one of the secure ways of building up your wealth. Deciding on a right property in a good location ensures best returns on your property. Being informed on construction process saves you time and makes you well equipped to make informed choices.

Written by Mr. Sarveshaa SB

MD Bhadra Group

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