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Mission Green

Building sustainable business is our utmost responsibility to the society we live in. We are a dedicated member of the Indian Green Building Council and have committed to adapt the green concepts in all of our projects. Each product of ours have key eco- friendly features to minimize our overall carbon footprint. Our living spaces are designed to have sufficient natural light thus reducing dependence on thermal power. It lowers the maintenance cost. We are incorporating larger use of solar power, water harvesting methods to recharge natural aquifers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in improving the quality of life with long-term value creation in the society. Our responsibility towards the society draws us to rural India where young minds are made aware about the importance of balanced nutrition and environment. The awareness created among the future generation holds the ability to have long term effects in building a sustainable society. BHADRA Group is committed to create long term self- sustaining models of transformational change in rural India. At present we are working with many minds to find out the correct sustainable intervention. We believe education is a big social leveler and if young underprivileged kids are provided with right educational environment, they are bound to shine and help build their lives, their families' lives and contribute towards building a better, a stronger India.