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property management by bhadra landmarks

Property Management

Handing over of the keys of your home is just a beginning of an everlasting relationship. Our commitment is towards offering you with a comprehensive property management service.

We ensure that homes from BHADRA Group are maintained with timely care. Our focus is to reduce maintenance cost and to extend the life expectancy of your valuable property.

Day-to-Day Management

All day-to-day requisites such as waste disposal, regular water supply to all homes, ensuring proper drainage is part of our effort to provide you a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle. The upkeep of the premises is ensured from our housekeeping team. We also provide round-the-clock security service by employing professional security agencies and backup for surveillance and access-control devices.

Maintenance and Repairs

The residents of our homes are provided with our extended services such as addressing repairs of plumbing, electrical, on time. We also undertake termite and borer treatment of wood, painting and polishing and maintenance of sewage treatment plant, lighting and fixtures, access roads, backup power supply, basements, landscaped areas, all recreational spaces and amenities. All power generators and electrical pumps are ensured for timely service due to our maintenance contracts with vendors.