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Properties in Bangalore


BHADRA Group in Bengaluru is founded by Mr. Sarveshaa SB and Mr. Suresh NC to deliver world class living spaces. We are committed to create excellent living spaces.

We take pride in doing so by using our own in-house expertise and resources as far as possible. We source our key materials from our in-house manufacturing facilities. This is the key differentiator which is evident in all of our properties in Bengaluru.

BHADRA is a group of talented teams of real estate professionals, high skilled manpower and efficient processes, enabling the ingrained culture to deliver iconic living spaces. In a professional environment we are supported by the ERP, best human resource practices, adhering to the highest safety standards propelled by the vision 'to transform the world of construction with quality'. Deeply rooted with an exceptional business backing BHADRA Group is a vision to redefine living spaces.